The World Does Not Slow Down for a Broken Heart

The world does not slow down for a broken heart. A successful future does not turn around to see if you have fallen.

A broken heart, like a marathon runner’s broken ankle, throws us to the sidelines in pain, agony and sorrow. But the race, the game, the finishline does not wait.

What is passed up during much-needed healing and rehabilitation? There is always a cost to love. And there is always a cost to heartache.

A broken heart, in my experience, is a burden to bare for as long as I want to be on the sidelines of my life. For, surely, I am more than just an injured soul. I still dream. I still want my destiny.

Maybe my destiny won’t wait for me to heal. Maybe it keeps the same pace regardless of my injuries, and offers itself to the next name on the list.

A broken heart, like a broken bone, always slows us down. The longer we linger the farther the path back to break-even.

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