Top 1% Toastmasters International Speech Contest Winners in 2013

From being too nervous to attend his first Toastmasters meeting; to forgetting his lines for 30 seconds; to competing on stage in front of 500 people at International, Reid Walley has gone from fear to confidence by embracing every new mistake! Out of 30,000 contestants from 122 countries, Reid finished in the top 18, after winning 2nd place in Semifinals at the 2013 Toastmasters International Speech Contest in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, on Aug 24, 2013.

After joining Capital City Toastmasters in Jan 2010, Reid blasted through his Competent Communicator manual in 6 months – videotaping every mistake along the way!

A sought-after District 39 presenter, Reid adds value in the following Toastmasters categories: Hands-on Workshops, Leadership Dinner, Open House, Guest Speaker, District Conference Educational Sessions, Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Enrichment Sessions.


When You Grow, Your Club Grows
45-minute Presentation
2017 Toastmasters District 39 Division C Leadership Dinner, Chico, CA, Feb 18, 2017

Why Toastmasters
30-minute Presentation
2014 Sacramento Toastmasters Leadership Institute, Sacramento, CA, Feb 15, 2014

Guest Speaker

Event: Mother Lode Toastmasters
Title: Public Speaking – Turning Your Fear Into Fuel
Nov 3, 2014
Grass Valley, CA

Event: Division E Award Celebration
Title: Lessons in Competition
June 26, 2014
Sacramento Resources Building, Sacramento, CA


Be Yourself On Stage
45-minute Hands-on Workshop
Pop-Up Toastmasters Club, Sacramento, CA, Mar 15, 2017

Body Language
45-minute Educational Session
Bits ‘N Speeches Toastmasters Club, Elk Grove, CA, Mar 2, 2017

Delivering A Championship Speech
50-minute Enrichment Session
2015 Sacramento Toastmasters Leadership Institute, Sacramento, CA, Feb 21, 2015

Take The Fear Out Of Competing
50-minute Enrichment Session
2014 Sacramento Toastmasters Leadership Institute, Sacramento, CA, July 19, 2014

Being Yourself On Stage
50-minute Educational Session
2013 Toastmasters District 39 Fall Conference, Sacramento, CA, Nov 2, 2013

The Toastmasters Journey

International Speech Contests

1st-place Winner 2017 “Area 82”, Sacramento, CA
2nd-place Winner 2016 “District 39”, Stockton, CA
1st-place Winner 2016 “Division H”, Sacramento, CA
1st-place Winner 2016 “Area 82”, Sacramento, CA
1st-place Winner 2015 “Division H”, Sacramento, CA
1st-place Winner 2015 “Area 82”, Sacramento, CA
1st-place Winner 2014 “Division E”, Sacramento, CA
1st-place Winner 2014 “Area 51”, Sacramento, CA
2nd-place Winner 2013 “Semifinals”, Cincinnati, OH
1st-place Winner 2013 “District 39”, Sacramento, CA
1st-place Winner 2013 “Division E”, Sacramento, CA
1st-place Winner 2013 “Area 51”, Sacramento, CA
1st-place Winner 2012 “Area 51”, Sacramento, CA

Table Topics Contests

1st-place Winner 2017 “Area 82”, Sacramento, CA

Competent Communicator Certification

Reid joined Capital City Toastmasters #142 in Sacramento, CA, in January 2010 and blazed through all 10 speeches in the Competent Communicator manual within 6 months, completing certification on June 28, 2010. Reid belongs to District 39, Division H (formerly Division E), Area 82 (formerly Area 51).

My home club is Capital City Toastmasters #142, located in Sacramento, CA.

Date: Every Monday (except for Federal holidays)
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Location: St. John’s Lutheran Church
Address: 1701 L Street, Classroom 311, Sacramento, CA 95811

Awards & Certificates