Toastmasters Speaking Tip: Sleep On It!

It’s Monday. And I’m participating in a Toastmasters Humorous Speech contest on Thursday.

I’ll be rehearsing my speech out-loud 5-6 times today, maybe more. Then – and here’s the magic – I’ll get to “sleep” on it tonight. “Sleeping on it” is vital. My speech must have time to marinade into my being, into my muscles, into my gut. Tomorrow I’ll rise and repeat: out-loud rehearsal and sleep-on-it. Wednesday, rise and repeat! Thursday: contest!

That’s 3 days of out-loud rehearsal and 3 nights of sleeping-on-it.

UPDATE: I took 2nd Place in Thursday evening’s Toastmasters Humorous Speech “Area” Contest 2010 (District 39, Area 51, Sacramento, CA). Woot!

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