An entertaining and educational speaker for your Club and District Conference!

Interactive Mini-Workshop

Reid Walley Public Speaking Toastmasters Mini-Workshop Capital Communicators Open-House
Reid Walley Public Speaking Toastmasters Mini-Workshop Capital Communicators Open-House

Duration: 15-20 minutes
Details: Perfect for your Open House guests (and club members), showcasing the superhero benefits of Toastmasters in the real world. Audience participation and hands-on examples.
Best for: Open House; Guest Speaker

“Four people said they wanted to join.

“Reid spoke at an Open House for my club, Capital Communicators Toastmasters, and did such a great job that 4 people said they want to join. I have had the pleasure of being coached by Reid when I was competing for the International Speech contest a few years ago. He is a great coach who taught me a variety of techniques that I use on a regular basis.”

Julie Mattox – Former Area 52 Governor, Toastmasters District 39

Be Yourself On Stage

Be Yourself on Stage Pop-Up Toastmasters
Be Yourself On Stage 2013 District 39 Fall Conference Educational Session

Duration: 45 minute workshop
Details: Club members & guests participate in a hands-on public speaking workshop that focuses on eye contact, using the stage, and overcoming butterflies.
Best for: Open House; Guest Speaker; District Conference Educational Session

“Everyone walked out of the workshop with a lot more confidence!

“Reid’s energy and enthusiasm were contagious and everyone walked out of the workshop with a lot more confidence and excitement than we could’ve ever imagined! Reid was able to get 100% participation during the “Make Eye Contact” and “Use Body Language” portion of his ‘Be Yourself On Stage’ workshop and he even brought I Love Lucy back to life, providing us with that sitcom’s entire stage set-up and how you can effectively “Use Your Stage” while you speak!”

Jayne Nielsen – Club President,Pop-Up Toastmasters Club

“Great insight; A friendly, informative format.

“Reid’s interactive talk on addressing fear in public speaking offered great insight into specific tactics and practices that speakers can introduce into their speeches at Toastmasters. He covered some of the physical aspects that get us sometime — from addressing the butterflies, managing a comfortable stance, and the dealing with the shakes. He used examples from his own experience and showed us what to do by having audience members come up and share. A great perspective on public speaking and a friendly, informative format.”

Jenny Mohler – Former Club President,Capital City Toastmasters #142

Using Body Language

Reid Walley Bits-N-Speeches Using Body Language

Duration: 45 minute workshop
Details: Open discussion & demonstration of using body language to relieve butterflies before a speech, as well as during a speech.
Best for: Open House; Guest Speaker

“A very useful perspective for our members.

“Reid presented a 45-minute session on using body language in speeches at my club. He put an unusual spin on the topic and approached it from a very useful perspective for our members by discussing not just how to use body language to illustrate your points, but also how to use body language to overcome anxiety about speaking. Reid gave a professional presentation, engaged the audience, and handled questions well. We would absolutely recommend and invite him back!”

Melanee Cottrill – Vice President, Education,Bits ’N Speeches Toastmasters Club
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