This Is True Storytelling – Extra Gum's Can't Help Falling In Love Gum Commercial

In just under 2 minutes, your heart is transported through a story so universal that you can’t help but relate to it on a deep level. And Haley Reinhart‘s phenomenal cover of Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love is the perfect match for this mini-movie-trailer of two meant-to-be-together souls – from first-glimpse to marriage proposal.

The story is so touching that you COMPLETELY forget that it’s just a TV commercial for Extra Gum. This, to me, is what Gary Vaynerchuk means when he says storytelling is at the heart of selling!

This video is blowing up all over the Internet!

Let’s look at the outpouring of attention that this video has received on Love What Matters’ Facebook page in just over 24 hours (from Oct 8 at 3:00 am to Oct 9 at 4:00 am):

  • Views: 28,835,218 (after 48 hours: 55,544,687)
  • Likes: 531,477 (after 48 hours: 922,631)
  • Shares: 606,563 (after 48 hours: 1,044,978)
  • Comments: 51,595 (after 48 hours: 83,836)

Extra Gum Can't Help Falling With In Love - Love What Matters' Facebook stats

The comments on Extra Gum’s YouTube page reflect the video’s deep emotion:

Never thought I’d love an ad about gum.

Haley Reinhart vocally caresses a classic Elvis song like no other….just gorgeous.

Why am I crying over a gum commercial?

Truthfully this is the first commercial that I replayed over and over. The spot was so well directed I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I also love the background vocal, it is absolutely beautiful,  I definitely would buy it as a single.

Probably the only ad i didn’t skip, and had to click on the link, to re watch it again.

This ad stopped me in my tracks and had me searching all over for a song download. Her voice is astounding. Absolutely captured the beauty of the lyrics of the song.

Extra Gum’s video has struck a cord!

It’s the perfect blend of a universal boy-meets-girl story with a gorgeous song as our guide. It’s everything we want in our lives – even in our children’s lives when they grow up. The TV commercial is perfect. Only Extra Gum’s tagline “Give Extra, Get Extra”, at the very end of the video, wakes you up out of the most perfect love affair that we want for ourselves. It’s beautiful!

The song!

The lyrics of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” perfectly guides our heart across the milestones in the story. Elvis Presley’s original is a classic, but it’s too steeped in the past. Sarah & Juan’s Extra Gum journey required a 2015 update on an easily recognizable classic. And the song definitely needed to be sung by a woman. Reinhart’s version is contemporary and lush.

Marketing analysis!

How did I first come across this video? – by watching the commercial on TV, Cable, Hulu, Crackle, Netflix? Nope! My friend Tom Gordon shared it on his Facebook Wall. I’ve never viewed this ad in it’s paid-for-advertising space. It was strictly peer-to-peer. Extra Gum never needed to actually pay to run this ad anywhere, and yet I still saw it. This is the power of storytelling on social media. Good content gets shared – for free!

Extra Gum made a brilliant move with how they identifyed the video with their brand: they waited until the last 7 seconds of the video and simply dropped in their tagline animation and made the voice-over announcement, “Give Extra, get Extra.”

Extra Gum has created everybody’s dream story: a happy beginning, with a happy ending.

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