Trust Agents – Steve Cunningham's 5 Takeaways

If you are looking for a book on how social media is transforming the world around you, then Trust Agents is exactly what you are looking for.

Among other books that Steve Cunningham recommends reading is “How To Win Friends and Influence People.”

Top 5 takeaways from the book.

  1. Be a part of the community first. The first step in building trust is to turn yourself into Donnie Brasco. That’s right, you have to become a member of the community. The movie Donnie Brasco is the real life story of Joe Pistone, the FBI agent who infiltrated the Mafia and brought them to their knees. Joey spent 6 months sitting on a barstool in New York, drinking, eating peanuts, and watching the scene around him. He knew that the only way to integrate himself into the mafia community was to watch and learn how it operated first.
  2. Stop playing by other people’s rules. The Internet is the great “leveler”, and rules that applied to your parents no longer apply.  Instead of following the rules that were made for a world that no longer exists, make your own rules.
  3. Get to the centre of MANY networks. Most people spend their time networking in their own industry or niche.  The real power lies in putting yourself in the middle of different networks and becoming a connection between them.
  4. Build an army. Never before have we been able to gather such a large group of people together connected by a common goal.  Army building isn’t just for global superpowers anymore – you can build your own to achieve anything you want in your life.
  5. One success should lead to two more. Everything you do should be used as leverage to get you to your next goal.  Success comes to those who are constantly in action.

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