Voice and the Sound of Bee vs Be

It’s SUPER interesting as my brother, Lance, and I search for alternatives to the domain names that we wish we could use for our t-shirt to help Bees:

TeesForBees.com – taken
TeesBees.com – taken
HelpTheBees.com – taken
SaveTheBees.com – taken

When it comes to “voice/audio”, the word “Bee” isn’t always easy to distinguish from the word “be.”

ToBeeOrNotToBee.com is available for $2,595, but if you only heard this domain name on a podcast, in a movie, on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora, Spotify, Mixcloud, Soundcloud… well, shit, the speaker has to go out of their way to make sure you know it’s “Bees” – not Shakespeare.

Tees4Bees.com – taken

But this domain name has a similar “voice/audio” problem. When your only exposure to Tees4Bees.com is audio, what will you hear? “four” or “4”?

Interestingly, the word “tees” has a similar problem: do you hear “Tees” or “Ts” or “T’s”

Guess what The B’s Tees promotional printing company’s domain name is? BeesTees.com. So when you hear it, do you hear “Bees” or “B’s”?

Voice/audio is coming hard.

Giant inspired hat-tip to Gary Vaynerchuk’s video “Why Voice Will Win | Keynote at VoiceCon 2018

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