What do you think a Life Coach can do for you that you can’t do for yourself?

I posed the above question to my Facebook feed. Here are the answers.

Make you more aware.

Author W. Faye Portman
Sacramento, CA

Hold up a mirror.

Felicia Borges
Sacramento, CA

Create awareness. Identify limiting beliefs. Introduce new perspectives. Set realistic goals. Push you outside your comfort zone.

Charles Amemiya
Fairfield, CA

It’s said that each person is 3 people, the way they see themselves, the way others see them and how they actually are. The life coach can let you see how the rest of the world sees you in an honest unbiased way and help you see your self defeating behaviors as well as those behaviors that people love about you.

Clark Pierce
Sacramento, CA


Tony Chinnici
Reno, NV

Challenge and negate excuses.

David Goad
Tracy, CA

Remind you that you can do it yourself… A great many people just forget they have the power within to accomplish greatness.

Ron Lee
Grants Pass, OR

Anyone wanting to be the best they can be needs a coach. Anyone would think foolish an Olympic athlete, professional athlete, etc., that trained and competed WITHOUT a coach. The best of the best have coaches, so shouldn’t anyone wanting to be their best have a coach too? Leave the couch and get a coach!

Russell Marsan
Reno, NV

Take your money and give you nothing in return.

Joe Shaw
Orlando, FL

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