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What Does It Take To Have A Successful Relationship?

With all the effort that we put into a college degree – 2 yrs, 4 yrs, 8 yrs, 12 yrs of dedication – what makes us think that we are qualified… truly qualified… to be married?

I thought because I was in love and had watched my parents argue that I was qualified to be married.

  • 50%* of first marriages end in divorce (I’m in this category)
  • 67%* of second marriages end in divorce
  • 74%* of third marriages end in divorce

If our high schools had this kind of drop-out rate, we’d all freak out!

We’re obviously doing something wrong.

Couples that read the same self-help books, at the same time – as if they were study partners – stand a much better chance of maintaining a successful relationship. What are you and your significant other reading?

I see lots of medical students in study groups at my local coffeehouses in Sacramento, CA. There are usually 2-4 study partners. And they study together for hours on end – they read the same books, the same chapters and the same flash cards. When I was married, we never put that kind of time and effort into making our marriage a success. My ex-wife is an amazing, kick-ass woman! It never occurred to us to be our own study group.

*Source: Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri.

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