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What makes you think soulmates exist, anyway? Where did you pick this up?

I’m exposing the limitation of the accepted definition of soulmate, as defined by our culture.

Soulmate has always meant the following 3 criteria:

  1. You only get one soulmate
  2. You can only marry your soulmate
  3. They must be the opposite gender

There is one major problem with the soulmate concept, though: all of us who are divorced are screwed. If we marry somebody who is not our soulmate, we’ve messed up #1 and #2, forever.

So, I am questioning the status quo definition of soulmate, in return for the answer to life, the Universe and everything – which, of course, is 42. We must break free of the restrictive stereotype of soulmate and quest for galactic truths.

For my friends who are Christian: Jesus never mentions the need to find a soulmate. But, instead, speaks about ever-lasting life.

My dear friend, Corrie Hughes, has a great observation on soulmates: “Soulmates don’t complete me, they decorate my life. A soulmate should be a gift to one another, not a completion of the other.”

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