What Part Of Public Speaking Makes You Nervous?

The public part or the speaking part?

The following Facebook comments from fellow Toastmasters provide a deeper insight than I imagined:

  • Author W. Faye Portman: “Speaking [part]. Saying the wrong thing.”
  • Linda Thompson: “Pubic part. I like talking.”
  • Clark Pierce: “For me it’s the public part depending on the audience and topic. I gave a speech about failure in my club about 8 months ago. I felt good about it as I was going to the meeting. When I got there we had 5 guests. I considered changing the speech to a more palatable subject so as not to be off putting to these guests and because I was feeling vulnerable with do many more new people than we normally have visit. I gave the speech anyway and I think over the next few weeks 3 of them joined.”

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