What, This Charity Event Doesn't Have A SnapChat Geofilter?

May The 4th Be With You

I just came from a Star Wars lightsaber battle charity event at Fremont Park in Midtown Sacramento. I don’t even know who the charity was. I just saw more and more peeps coming into Naked Lounge coffeehouse with lightsabers. Today is May 4, Star Wars Day. I asked a gal, “Hey, where’d you get the lightsaber?” She said, “At the lightsaber battle across the street [at Fremont Park.]” I turned around from my coffee and laptop to look… and there were hundreds of people all with electric lightsabers lighting up the dark. It was really cool.

As I walked across the street to check it out, I opened up SnapChat and started Snapping: There were parents with their kids. Peeps in costumes. The park was filled with laughs, lights and fun everywhere. Then I swiped the screen looking for this charity event’s SnapChat goefilter. There wasn’t one. I confirmed there was no SnapChat Geofilter with the event coordinators who were selling $10 lightsabers and $20 t-shirts for this charity event.

May The Geofilter Be With You

As social media practitioner and CEO of digital-first agency VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk, says: just like hashtags are used on #Twitter and #Instagram, SnapChat’s Geofilters are the new hashtag.

Make Your Own or Hire a Designer

You can make your own SnapChat Geofilter for your event: SnapChat Geofilter guidelines. Or, if you’re a graphic designer, you can offer custom SnapChat Geofilter designs for people that want an extra-memorable customization for their charity event, birthday party, Real Estate open house, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, business grand opening, political fundraiser,

Geofilters Brand Your Event and Make Your Guests Feel Special

My friend Romi Sunga attended a friend’s wedding that had a custom SnapChat Geofilter that read: “Congratulations Bren & Stacy 04/08/2016.” A very special way to mark the occasion for the couple, and for their guests.

SnapChat Geofilter Wedding Bren & Stacy 2 SnapChat Geofilter Wedding Bren & Stacy 1

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