What's Your Excuse – 3 Year Old Jonathan Conducting

This is living! This is enjoying the Cosmos! This is being authentic! If you aren’t responding this way to your life, you’ve misaligned!

One commenter said, “I would love to do this at home now! hahaha. My roommate would be like “wtf.” But this looks so fun!!!”

This is the problem with adults, we think responding with pure joy is childish and embarrassing. It isn’t. It’s living! Many people voluntarily suppress themselves rather than freak out their roommate. They’re too worried about what others think to be alive, to be expressive!

You should see billionaire Warren Buffet when he gets giddy and child-like when he talks about investing. Warren isn’t worried about what anybody thinks. He’s expressive and full of life!

The above video is a great advertisement for passion!

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