Women’s T-shirt Poll: Ladies Style vs Unisex Style vs Men’s Style

I asked my female friends what t-shirt fit/cut/style they like to wear:

  • Ladies cut
  • Unisex cut
  • Men’s cut


  • The poll’s answers also detailed some of the fabrics that are preferred: Tri-blend is the most popular. “My faves are all tri-blends.”
  • V-neck and scoop neck were mentioned as favorite necklines. “None of my girlfriends like to wear men’s shirts since the neckline practically chokes you.”
  • And some of the women polled mentioned that a Ladies size for them runs small or even really small. I also found ~30% of reviews on clothing brand sites (especially American Apparel) also reported “I bought a Large but it fits like a Small. Had to return it!”
  • Provide a Size Chart.

The Poll

T-shirt question for women: do you like wearing ladies style tees, unisex style tees, or men’s style tees?

The Results

Ladies Style Tee: 22 votes (the clear winner)

  • Ladies because of the more comfortable and flattering neckline.
  • Ladies because they’re contoured in at the waist.
  • Q: Do the ladies style(s) you like run small or really small? Or do they run true to size?
    • A 1: They run small.
    • A 2: It totally depends on the brand and how I want it to fit. If I want a little room, I’ll usually order a size up so it’s still contoured at waist and hips but more forgiving. I think if you go with them and just provide a size chart you should be fine. Seeing a model wearing it and knowing that model’s measurements is also really helpful.
  • I like ladies tees because they are usually not restrictive around the neck and usually have more space around the chest.
  • Ladies style, v neck.
  • Q: And do you find that ladies styles run small or really small?
    • A: Really small.
  • Ladies like the really soft shirts. (Reid’s note: Lance really likes the feel of his tri-blend Chargify men’s tee).
  • If I have to wear a T-shirt, it has to be a ladies cut shirt. Men’s shirts don’t fit right, and I don’t believe unisex shirts are really a thing, lol.
  • Ladies v-neck.
  • Ladies cut, but size up one size to not be snug. And yes, logo placement matters due to boobies. Centered logo/art, unless the design calls for asymmetry. And logo/art too low gets overly distorted; too high is just weird.
  • Ladies! Thin soft material.
  • Q: Fabrics of the tees you like to wear?
    • A: One is poly/viscose. But my faves are all tri-blends. A big open neck is a plus!
  • Q: Do you find the ones you wear run small, really small, or true to size?
    • A: Mostly true to size.
  • Ladies v-neck or at the very least scoop [neck]. And watch those Juniors sizing, [they’re way too small]. I think the reason other brands run small is because they get juniors not women’s.
  • Favorite shirt: pima cotton V-neck ladies cut from Crazy Shirts!
  • Ladies or Junior’s ladies.
  • I hate wearing men’s shirts unless I go through the trouble of altering them. Women’s shirts. The 50/50 Shirt by American Apparel are not too expensive and fit well.
  • Ladies! V-neck or scoop neck. None of my girlfriends like to wear men’s shirts since the neckline practically chokes you.

Unisex Style Tee: 5 votes

  • Unisex. Women’s style is too tailored for me.
  • Unisex for me, too!! I don’t like my clothes hugging every curve anymore. Lol
  • I cut the neck out of all my t shirts. Unisex. Ladies tees never suited me I’m too buff. Lol
  • I would love ladies style because of the reasons Heather K stated (more comfortable and flattering neckline). But they rarely make them large enough to fit me. So I generally have to go with unisex with v neck.
  • Men’s or unisex because the sizing is more accurate and fits better.

Men’s Style Tee: 5 votes

  • Mens. The lady style accentuates my belly.
  • Men’s or unisex because the sizing is more accurate and fits better.
  • Men’s! Fitted lady tees are not in style these days. Oversized or baggy is what’s going on. “Wearing my boyfriends tee” will always be in style. 100% cotton.
  • Like men’s tees for sports teams.

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