Excerpts from Darren LaCroix’s Lady and The Champs keynote

Darren LaCroix 2001 Toastmasters World Champion of Public SpeakingVisit Darren’s site: World Champion Public Speaking Darren LaCroix.

Instead of “What do I say”?, ask “How do I help people”? There are “hot” topics, but the important question is: “What’s YOUR topic”?

Your value is your ability to change perspective! The true value of your presentation is “perspective.”

Think: where you are today; where your audience is today…
Create an ah-ha for your audience, which is (as posed to Darren by his life coach): “The letting go of a previous belief!”

If you want to change people’s perspective it’s all “based on your experience.”

Look for your ah-ha moments. The lessons that you learned are the same stories, the same messages, that you want to tell to help your audience with their ah-has. Look at your life-lessons.

If you were going to die tomorrow, what one lesson that you learned from your life would you want to pass on to your audience?

Who inspires you?

Go to the Library and look up The Encyclopedia of Associations. Then, using the book, use the answers to the following questions to align yourself with Associations that will pay you:

  1. What adversities have you overcome?
  2. What is your business experience? (List all of it. Everything)
  3. What are your major achievements? (List all)
  4. What are your serious hobbies? (List all)

You MUST package your process! Speaking is only 1 package.

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