Darren LaCroix interviews 1996 World Champion of Public Speaking, David Nottage

Visit David Nottage’s site: Torque public speaking consultancy.

David’s 1996 winning speech, “Get Up”, was very inspirational to Darren’s 2001 winning speech. Darren says David’s speech is so simple, so clear and [he’s] such a great storyteller.

Darren: Where did the inspiration for your speech come from?
David: It comes from real life; being out there, doing things. Turning everyday, simple, ordinary events into a speech.

David’s challenges: keeping content within 7 minutes.

David talks about getting coached; which evaluations to take seriously. The more often you practice a speech (in front of a ton of Toastmasters clubs)… David talks about crafting the ending of his speech.

Darren: What was the best speaking advice you got?
David: Tell stories; your own stories. And if you can master that then you can tell someone else’s story.

David’s speechwriting formula for a winning World Champion speech:

  • Make them high (bring them up, usually through laughter)
  • Make them cry (bring them down to the reality of life, the harshness of life; an emotional feeling)
  • Make them try (give them that motivation to try)