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Ryan Avery’s speech-writing formula

(from his Keynote at the Nov 2, 2013, District 39 Fall Conference in Sacramento, CA)

Make your speech: SIMPLE

Make your speech: IMPACTFUL

Make your speech: RELATABLE


Story 1 (matches theme)
Story 2 (matches theme)
Story 3 (matches theme)

You can’t be the hero of your own story. Someone else has to teach you something. Mom, Dad, coach, teacher, friend – somebody ELSE has to teach you the message that you’re sharing with the audience.

Constant object (ie: bunny slippers in Ryan’s “Trust Is A Must” speech)

Write your speech in “poem form” instead of paragraph form. Poem form informs you where to pause, as well as makes your speech easier to memorize.

Five Senses: Can your audience “smell” your speech? Engage your senses and you’ll engage your audience. Of the 5 senses that should be used in your speech (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell), smell is the least-used, yet most powerful memory trigger.

Drop the Prop! Not having a prop allows the audience to “visualize their own life’s” version of your description. (eg: bunny slippers)

Active Voice (not passive voice): Tell the story “as it’s happening.” Delete all “was” words. Instead of “I was at the alter”, say “I’m at the alter.”

Be Relatable: Never tell a joke; share a failure. Failures teach a lesson [and make you relatable]. Write down your failures – they make good stories. Share stories about family. Share embarrassing family moments.

How you practice is how you will play! Practice full-out!

Ryan Avery’s recommended book reading

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen Covey

Ryan said he wishes he’d read Start With Why before he wrote his 2012 winning speech!

Interview with Ryan Avery: 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking – by Andrew Dlugan

Question: Each year, thousands of Toastmasters around the world enter speech contests. What advice do you have for them?

Answer: Get a mentor! Answer Randy Harvey’s three key questions of: Who am I? What am I about? and Where did I learn that?

Read the full article by Andrew Dlugan: Interview with Ryan Avery: 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking

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SCREAM speech-writing technique

Ryan Avery credits 2004 World Champion of Public Speaking, Randy Harvey, with teaching him the SCREAM speech-writing technique

3 tips from Ryan Avery, 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking by The Virtual Presenter

Interview with Ryan Avery: How to Speak Like a World Champion of Public Speaking by Paul Sohn

You can answer Randy Harvey’s three questions. Randy Harvey is my mentor and 2004 Toastmasters World Champion. When I was going for the world championship, he made me answer three questions: Who am I? What am I about? Where did I learn it? And, if you answer these three questions, you’ll better be able to know what you want to speak about because you need to speak about something you’re passionate about and that comes from the heart.

–Ryan Avery, 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking

Interview with Ryan Avery: 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking by Andrew Dlugan on Six Minutes

Ryan Avery’s YouTube feed, including his 2012 World Championship of Public Speaking winning speech video.

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