After I posted a video on Instagram showing my MacBook, hard drive, and Hershey’s chocolate, donjoeco left a comment asking if I wanted fresh socks delivered to my door.

Wait, what? What do the items in my Instagram video have to do with delivering socks to my door? Not a damn thing! I even have hashtags: #backup #harddrivehersheys #chocolate #macbook #usbc4life. Where’s the connection? This immediately turned into a marketing learning lesson for me:

Make your comment/product pitch align with the Instagram user’s actual content.

Maybe if my Instagram video showed holes in my socks, or that my feet were cold, or that my shoes were… something that warranted a tie-in with socks. donjoeco’s product pitch seemed so out of place. Yeah, it made me think of socks, but in a completely disconnected way.

The WRONG Way To Market Your Product On Instagram - Comments The WRONG Way To Market Your Product On Instagram - MacBook

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