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You Don't Have To Answer The Question In Front Of You

Your answer is more important than the question!

You’re not required to directly answer a question or comment from somebody else. If their question or comment is not in alignment with your life’s path and passion, or you’re not interested in the topic, then answer the question you “wish” they would have asked. Your energy is not worth wasting on questions and comments that have nothing to do with where you’re going.

Always answer with your purpose, your cause – whether or not that was the question being asked!

Sometimes I get accused of “redirecting” a person’s question when I don’t directly answer “their” question. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I don’t always care about some of the crap that people ask. And eventually I just started answering in a direction that I wanted the conversation – and my life –  to go.

How you react IS your life!

How you answer every question IS your life!

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