You Just Won Your Toastmasters District Speech Contest – Now What?

Congratulations on winning your District Toastmasters International Speech contest!

Now what?

  1. Grab a copy of your Toastmasters District speech and upload it to YouTube so you can get it evaluated by previous World Champions, Advanced Toastmasters Clubs, mentors.
  2. Start developing your second speech, for Finals, right now! You will be presenting 2 speeches at the International speech contest: one for Semifinals (typically your District speech), and a completely new speech for Finals.

Get insight from previous World Champions

Contact previous World Champions and see how much they charge to evaluate your District-winning speech.

*Darren LaCroix: “I do help people for free once they have won their district speech contest. Why? First, helping people who contact me out of a field of 81 is much more manageable than 35,000. Also, I want to give back as my mentors did, and the [District] winners have earned that opportunity. The speech contest is a self-discovery process. It is powerful as a growth tool, if you have the proper intentions. If your entire goal is to win for ego purposes or to launch your career, please do not contact me or invest in any of my programs.”

Get insight from 2nd- and 3rd-place World Champions

If they’re not competing in this year’s International speech contest, last year’s 2nd-place and 3rd-place World Champions are a great resource. Find them here.

Get insight from Advanced Toastmasters clubs

Contact your District’s Advanced Clubs for feedback and evaluations on your District speech – maybe even mentorship. They’re also the perfect environment to practice your Final speech.

One of my go-to Advanced Toastmasters Clubs in Sacramento, CA is Reveilliers Toastmasters. They really kicked my butt, told me the truth and provided top-notch evaluations. Most Advanced Club members have attended many International conferences and have heard many Semifinal and Final speeches over the years. An Advanced Club will tell you if you’re up-to-par or not – and, generally, how to fix it.

Get insight from your previous District winners

Contact your District’s previous District winners for help, advice, even mentorship.

Study previous World Champion speeches

There’s a huge difference between presenting at your District and the competition you’re going to face at the Semifinal and World Champion levels. Notice their deliberate use of the stage to set up scenes with characters and dialogue.

Watch previous Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking speeches.

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